MAKIT - About

The inventor Mr. G. V. Reddy is a technocrat in the field of Mechanical Engineering, having 7 years of industrial experience in special purpose Machine Design & Tool design. He came out with this new idea of MAKIT – KITS, which will help the teaching and students community to explain to teach and to understand better the concept of various machine elements / mechanisms / and controls.

He saw Professors finding it hard to explain the various movements of a particular mechanisms or a machines on a black board (with a help of a static diagram ) which involves lot of imagination and finally resulting in most of the students not understanding those concepts. And saw lot of technical students struggling to do their project works and saw them spending lot of time and money in manufacturing or collecting the components required for their projects. By observing all these came with this idea of MAKIT – KITS (Make it Yourself). With all above points in mind he established this company “TURNING POINT” in the year 1996 and came out with the full fledged products (MAKIT - Master, MAKIT - HITECH) in the year 1997. He got IISC Bangalore as his first customer to his credit. Since then Turning Point selling these to various institutions all across the country and they have even modify these kits to suit the needs of next generation of students, professionals, industries, etc.