Workshop at IIT-Madras

Concept to creation… watch your ideas in action

During last A M M workshop at IIT Madras Chennai, I have come across wonderful kit called MAKIT-KITS. It surprised me that this kit is in the market from past 12 years, it is an wonderful kit for all technical educational institutions, both for teaching & for the student community.
I am astonished to see the collection of more than 1500 machine elements in one kit called MAKIT – MASTER Mechanical kit with which any Mechanisms or any Machine can be built right on the table top. one more extraordinary thing what they have done is that they have an electronic kit Called MAKIT–HITECH which contains all control elements like DC Motors, Stepper Motors, Potential free inputs, outputs, Memory flags, counters, so with the help of these two kits, one can build their dream Machines/Robos & even atomise it using the controller kit. Both kits combining together have wide verities of applications and usefulness for all the departments related to Mechanical engineering, all the departments related to Electronic engineering & all the departments related to Mechatronics, where the teaching community can build the Models & take them to the class rooms for further explanations & live demo of the built out mechanisms, machines or Robos, Explain it easily & effectively with the live models instead of explaining it over the black boards.
You all know how difficult to make students understand by writing the mechanisms on the black board or showing them the machine pictures.
For student community the project work & doing some R & D across the table is so simplified with these MAKIT-KITS irrespective of the size of the project weather it is big or small. once they satisfied with the results they can go for the real fabrication with which they can save lot of Money & time.
To mention a few, the slider crank Mechanism which is driven by oldhams coupling can be built within 8 Minutes. Similarly a Witt worth quick return Mechanism driven by universal joint can be built within 11 minutes. A six leg walking robo can be built within 30 minutes.
These two kits are boon for the people who wants to compete in all types of robotic competitions. For any applications the required machine components like, spur gears, bevel gears, Geneva mechanisms, oldhams couplings, universal joints, Different sizes of Shafts, & many more components with Hardware will end up by purchasing these kits.
Last but not the least the search for the required mechanical components & Electronic items for building any kind of Developmental products can find them in these MAKIT-KITS.