Contains all types of Control Elements (Electronics)


MAKITHitech This is a computer compatible controller kit comprises of DC motors, stepper motors, built in timers, built in counters, Memory Flags etc., This PC Compatible kit contains Menu driven user friendly software for your applications.

MAKITHitech is compatible with our precision mechanical component kit MAKITMaster, offers control functions similar to programmable logic controller (PLC) which is computer compatible. Along with the MAKITMaster it can be used to simulate, study and solve critical design problems and both these kits together are an asset in Mechatronics, control and atomisation labs

MAKITHitech   Contains

  • Stepper Motors
  • D C Motors
  • Inputs with sensors
  • Potential free Outputs
  • Inbuilt Timers
  • Inbuilt Counters
  • Inbuilt Memory Flags
  • Menu driven programming
  • All with User - Friendly Software
Inbuilt   Features

  • Control functions are by 8-bit microcontroller.
  • Programming is by simple ladder diagram with editing facility.
  • Facility to store programs
  • Facility to cut and paste the programs
  • Facility to copy the programs
  • User friendly menu driven software.
  • Battery backed non volatile RAM.
  • Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) which can operate between 180 - 240 V input.
  • In-built internal power supply for DC Motors, Stepper Motors and inputs.
  • Potential free outputs.
  • Fool proof connectors to avoid wrong connections.