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With the help of these Kits the Teaching Community can build mechanisms in minutes and take it to the class rooms and explain it very easily and effectively, So that almost all the students in the class room will understand the principle of working of the Mechanism / Machine / Robot and he/she can even circulate this built up Mechanism / Machine / Robot amongst the students in the class room, so that everybody feels it and tries to understand the working principle.

And for the student Community they can test the concepts of any project work (mini or final) using this kit components, once they satisfy with the results they can go far the real fabrication, It saves lot of time and money. Already so many colleges have established “Centre for Creativity” and “Hobby Centers” using these Kits in their campus.

Design engineers and SPM manufacturing industries can also use these kits to simulate, study and solve critical design problems and check the suitability of a selected mechanism for the proposed application. Thus it will save precious design and manufacturing hours.

Where we fit in . . .

Usually there are so many steps involved in designing, developing and proving of any project or any product or any Concept. We summarize below the steps involved in this process.

Concept to Creation
  • Requirement
  • Concept
  • Principle of working
  • Line Diagram
  • Testing the different concepts
  • Selection of suitable concept
  • Prototyping
  • Testing
  • Final Product
Testing the different concepts
  • Fabricate Models with different concepts
    --- Disadvantage : Involves lot of time, money and efforts
  • Computer simulation.
    --- Disadvantage : Up-to 60% satisfaction and finally they have to build a real working model to get 100% satisfaction. Involves lot of time, money and efforts.
  • Assemble different Models(concepts) with MAKIT-KIT components.
    --- Advantages : Check number of concepts with the same components by assembling and dismantling with 100% satisfaction. After this you can use the same components for the testing of the next concepts. Involves Less time, Less money and Less efforts